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macooa for your Enterprise

macooa - All in One Solution designed for Small & Medium sized Enterprises.

Idea Board

idea management


project, team & activity cockpit


video call integration, email

Cost Estimates

own / third-party services, calculations

Customer Offers

projectplan-calculations, customer offers

Sales Pipeline

deal opportunities, sales reporting, ...


create, plan, manage & lead projects

Kanban Board

agile team- and task management


track work times for projects


clients, contacts, contact history, leads ...


cost benefit analysis, project financials ...


invoice work time / work packages

Prof. Dr. Michael Breidung

Prof. Dr. Michael Breidung

Professor of Business informatics, TU Dresden
Die heutigen Herausforderungen an die Organisation der unternehmerischen Prozesse lassen sich nicht mehr manuell lösen. Das geht nur noch digital.
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Agency & Project Management with macooa

Why macooa can be the solution to manage your business?

The following 3 items will help you to identify if macooa can be a software solution for your business.

You belong to the segment of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME)?

You are an architecture office, advertising agency, consulting company, craftsmen, i.e. electrician, plumber or a construction company.

Your workflows are based on projects / project based activities?

Your work can be characterized as project based activities, immaterial if you carry out your projects on time & material or fix price base where you have to meet budget expectations.

You want to increase transparency, want to know where you are with your projects?

You want to plan your projects, want to assign your staff member to work packages, want that work times are captured on projects based on work packages.

Then macooa seems to be the right software solution for your business!

Your benefits

if you want, you can start today


Desktop or App - you can work from anywhere, anytime.

Focus SME

macooa has been designed and developed for SME.

GDPR aligned

macooa Software supports GDPR requirements.

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macooa is

Achieving your goals.

Impress yourself - Facts that are speaking on their own!
Using macooa you only need ...


to capture corporate data


to capture a new user


to capture a new project


to capture a worktime entry

... and in a couple of seconds you can become a macooa client.

About us

The macooa GmbH has been founded in 2015. Software products and consulting service offered by macooa GmbH are distinctive value propositions for the Small and Medium sized Enterprises segment.

The requirements of that client segment continues to be the driving force behind further developments of the macooa product and service portfolio.


macooa GmbH
Zum Kälterhaus 4
63755 Alzenau
Deutschland (Bayern)