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    Project Management 4.0
    Software made & hosted in Germany
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    Never again aimlessly - easily achieve goals
    Step by Step
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    Certified Cloud Solution

Cost Estimates

own and third-party services, pre-calculations

Customer Offers

projectplan-calculations, customer offers

Sales Pipeline

deal opportunities, sales reporting, ...


create, plan, manage and lead projects

Kanban Board

agile team- and task management


track work times for projects / work packages


clients, contacts, contact history, lead management ...


cost benefit analysis, budget, project financials ...


invoice work time / work packages

macooa is Certified Cloud Solution!

Quality is everything - it still counts. With Certified Cloud - the leading quality certification for SaaS and IaaS solutions - you as a customer benefit from clear competitive advantages. The quality label is an important guidance in choosing the right cloud solution.

Suppliers agree to comply with technical, contractual and service-related cloud quality standards. Security plays a role as well as flexible booking and exit options or service levels. Proven references additionally confirm the credibility.
  • Jan Osenegg

    Founder & CEO, senioradvisory.de

    Dem konsequenten Vertriebsmanagement kommt in unserem Geschäft eine wesentliche Bedeutung zu. Wir nutzen macooa vor allem wegen der Vertriebspipeline und der CRM Komponente.
    Auch das Kanban Board ist ein wirklich tolles Feature. Man hat einfach alles zusammen in einer Lösung und mit der App kann man sogar ganz bequem von unterwegs seine Daten nutzen.
    Wir können macooa einfach nur empfehlen.

Using macooa you can steer your entire business processes - online! Projectplans, Projectcontrolling, Worktimes, Holidayplans, Cockpit, Cost Benefit Analysis, Project Organisation, CRM, Client / Contact Data, Sales-Pipeline and many more! Organise your project work better - using macooa!

Simple and straight forward - just a few clicks in macooa!
macooa has been designed as a full service suite for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises!

macooa - simply working better together!

Using this contact history you'll make your deals!

The new macooa CRM contact history.

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What People say

Learn more about what other people say about macooa.

Wir haben uns für das macooa Management Training entschieden. Das kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

Katja Grundmann Managing Partner, Synergie Effekt GmbH

Ein tolles System. Sehr zuverlässig. Wir haben super Erfahrungen mit dem macooa Team gemacht.

Klaus Hoffmann CEO, giroxx

A great tool for SMEs equipped with brilliant features to manage and steer business.

K Duker CEO, Fabbanking

Das Tool ist Klasse. Top Design und läuft einfach im Browser. Super.

Matthias Klein Partner, Management Partners Group

Zeiterfassung oder Projektpläne bearbeiten mache ich am liebsten sofort und überall da, wo ich gerade bin. Mit macooa geht das auf dem Smartphone - das ist nicht nur cool, sondern wirklich effizient!

Hans Peter Neuhaus CEO & Founder Neuhaus Business Development Experts GmbH

This could be your testimonial! Share the experiences you have made using the macooa software or with the macooa team on project consulting activities / trainings.


Why macooa?

Now as well available on YouTube

Why macooa can be the software solution to manage your business?

You belong to the segment of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME)?

You are an architecture office, advertising agency, consulting company, craftsmen, i.e. electrician, plumber or a construction company.

Your workflows are based on projects / project based activities?

Your work can be characterized as project based activities, immaterial if you carry out your projects on time & material or fix price base where you have to meet budget expectations.

You want to increase transparency, want to know where you are with your projects?

You want to plan your projects, want to assign your staff member to work packages, want that work times are captured on projects based on work packages.

Then macooa seems to be the right software solution for your business!

Impress yourself - Facts that are speaking on their own!

Using macooa you only need ...



to capture corporate data



to capture a new user



to capture a new project



to capture a worktime entry

... and in a couple of seconds you can become a macooa client.

We are macooa

The macooa GmbH has been founded in 2015. The company has developed a complete software suite for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. The solution is an "All-in-One" online suite for all companies who can characterize their main business as project work. This comprises worktime management, project planning, cost benefit analysis, business calculations and many more.

In addition macooa GmbH offers consulting services. Offered services are addressing topics such as Digitising value chains for SMEs (from website to digital processes), Project Management activities, Management and Motivation Trainings, macooa software introductions as well as Project Trainings and Coachings.

Become a Client

Our Product and Service Offering

Generation "Change"! Why you should use macooa software in your enterprise.

Focus SME

macooa has been designed and developed especially for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Made in Germany

macooa GmbH is a German based company and carry out software development in Germany.

Full Service Suite

macooa is a "All-in-One" Suite. You can organise your entire project work using macooa. Online.


macooa is equipped with a modern frontend and runs completely in a browser.


No additional charges! You pay only the monthly fees according to the macooa version.

Free Updates

As macooa client you'll benefit direcly from further developments and new features.

Member of Cloud Ecosystem

Hosting in Gernamy

App available

macooa GmbH has become Member of Cloud Ecosystem e.V.

macooa GmbH is just about a year and the software has already been selected by the German based Cloud Ecosystem e.V. in order to become a member of their cloud ecosystem. Wow!

The Cloud Ecosystem e.V. is a decision enabler for SMEs, allowing easy and direct access to cloud based solutions. Furthermore it facilitates the migration process towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and cloud based services.

Learn more about Cloud Ecosystem e.V.