macooa - Software made & hosted in Germany

... with a clear focus on the needs of small and medium sized enterprises!


Desktop or App - you can work from anywhere, anytime.


macooa is eqipped with a modern user interface and runs completely in a browser.

Attractive Pricing

No additional cost! Only monthly fees depending on selected macooa version.

Decision making - with macooa it is based on facts!

Average worktime, planned projects, planned utilisation and many more facts are generated by macooa and provide you with up to date information to run your business.

The macooa Cockpit is your online headquarter, your control center where data are condensed to decision relevant information.


Now your Sales Department can also benefit from macooa - using the new CRM feature you can run your sales processes online!

Client & contact data management, drag & drop sales pipeline, performance measurement, reflection of occurrence probabilities and expected turnovers for sales deals, client classification, client rating and many more - using the new CRM feature you are well equipped!

Expensive communication costs?
with macooa not for you anymore...

... because with the FaceTime integration in the CRM component, you can phone now directly your customers and business partners. Everything with just one click. Wow!

And macooa does even more for digital integration - just try it out. Export contacts via vCard and integrate them directly into your Outlook / Contacts application? No problem. Again, just one click in macooa.

Using this contact history you'll make your deals!

The new contact history as part of the macooa CRM feature comes along with everything you need in the digital age.

You'll get the entire contact history as vertical timeline, follow up dates including iCal / Outlook entries, assignment to projects, sales pipeline and many more enabling you to be ahead of the curve.

If everything is easy,
then you can do easily everything.


What is the overall planning for the next 6 months of your company? With the PlanningCockpit you get the answer and the total overview: all project plans, all employees, all workpackages and everything can be displayed on 4 different time lines. Wow!

And in case the project plan still needs to be created, you can also kick-off the planning process via the new PlanningCockpit.

Managing Tasks within the Team -
of course using the Kanban Board!

Using Drag & Drop you can easily assign and manage tasks within the Kanban Board. Of cource, you can decide whether you want to process your, all, or only some specific tasks on the Kanban Board.

The Kanban Board gets everything sorted, because tasks can be prioritised and assigned to projects and team members, as well as due dates can be set and monitored.

Now with Cumulative Flow Chart!

macooa - simply working better together!

Plan, monitor and react.
Everything is easy with macooa!

Your work can be characterised as project-based? Then macooa is not just a tool, but THE tool for you! With macooa you can organise your projects, plan and allocate resources and more. And in addition macooa automatically generates interactive Gantt diagrams for you, not just for the respective projects, but also for each project member.

You want to see your project plan in your calendar on the computer / smartphone? With macooa, you can integrate your personal project plan into iCal / Outlook.

macooa offers you everything you need to manage and steer projects.

With macooa the project planning
makes fun again!

macooa automatically generates interactive Gantt diagrams for you - not only for the respective projects, but also for each individual project member.

And it goes even further: the individual bars of the Gantt diagrams represent in bicolor mode exactly what you really need to know - (1) the planned time and (2) in darker color the already booked working times per planned workpackage.

Furthermore, you can also manage the milestones per project.

Capture and manage work times -
nothing easier than that.

Capture work times, assign them to projects and workpackages - using macooa it all becomes easy. And in addition it facilitates your AS-IS calculations for each project.

Furthermore, you can manage your complete holiday planning with macooa.
And if you want, you can also see your holiday planning in the calendar application of your computer / smartphone - with macooa you can integrate your personal holiday planning into iCal / Outlook.

Project Organisation

Project work is team work -
with macooa you set up your team!

With macooa, you can also manage project organisations for your projects. You can assign functions within the project organisation to the team members, and macooa automatically creates interactive organisational charts for you.

Who does what in the project? With the macooa project organisation it is immediately clear.

Management & Projectcontrolling

You want to know if your project plan fits to the given budget? You want to know how much work time has been spent on each individual workpackage?
No problem, with a few clicks you can find the answers in macooa - not only to these questions!

Within macooa you can also manage project related expenses. Thus, macooa offers you the possibility to carry out your business analyses and calculations on a full cost basis.

Integration Sage Business Cloud Buchhaltung

Cloud Integration macooa and Sage Business Cloud Buchhaltung!

For clients with accounting based in Germany Sage and macooa have established remarkable opportunities by cloud based integration of both software products. Whereas macooa is your front office solution where you can manage projects, capture worktimes, perform CRM related tasks like contact data management and many more, Sage is your back end solution where you can manage invoices and run your accounting.

Now, using the cloud integration between macooa and Sage Business Cloud Buchhaltung you can easily transfer your data front to back - just with a few mouse clicks.

More about Sage

Administration & My Settings

Everything under control? No problem with the macooa administration.

Every macooa customer is equpped with at least one user who acts as an administrator. In the macooa administration, you can customise macooa to the needs of your organisation, for example, you can administer users, workpackages, functional profiles, set the maximum number of incorrect login attempts and much more.

Of course, via "My Settings" every user can adjust individual settings in macooa, for example, get an information via E.Mail if project plans have been changed.

macooa - simply working better together!