macooa App

macooa app - now with integrated CRM feature!

With the macooa app, you are even better equipped to capture or view your data on the go. Numerous improvements and optimisations help to generate added values for you, your employees, your company.

Discover the new possibilities offered by the new macooa app.

In order to log in to the macooa app, please use as well your user ID and password.

The proven macooa CRM features are now available on the macooa app!

The new CRM component within the macooa app relies completely on macooa CRM data. You can access your client and contact data, you can even approach them directly out of the app by phone, E.Mail or SMS, view contact history and many more.

And if you are using the macooa app via an iOS based smartphone (iPhone from iOS 4 or higher), then - as macooa PRO or ENTERPRISE client - you can even benefit from FaceTime integration.

digital integration ... done using macooa App!

Away but still in the office? The macooa app!

Using the macooa app you are connected to your office as you can easily capture work time entries, view project plans or change your settings.

Furthermore, the Kanban Board is completely integrated into the macooa app. So, now you can create and assign To Do Items or just get the current status of a Kanban Board entry via your smart phone.

You can change your smartphone - the macooa app changes easily too!

As a web app, the macooa app runs on all popular mobile phone platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry.

Installing macooa app

In order to install the macooa app on your smartphone, please open a browser such as Safari. In the browser, please enter the link to the macooa website, and click on the login button.


macooa automatically detects that you are accessing the web page from a smartphone and redirects you to the macooa app.

Then you will see in your browser the macooa app website and the meta navigation of the browser. Clicking on the Bookmark Icon (1) will open a dialog. In this dialog please select the Home screen (2) icon.

After selecting the Home screen icon another dialog will be opened, where you can change the name of the macooa app. By clicking the Add (3) button the macooa app has been installed succesfully on your smartphone.

How updates will be carried out?

Similar to the desktop version of macooa, the front end of the macooa app has been also developed in HTML5 / CSS3.

The macooa app is a web app where you do not have to worry about updates, because updated versions of the macooa app will be loaded automatically the next time the application will be started.

macooa - simply working better together!