How secure is the macooa software?

Learn more about the security-related mechanisms applied to the macooa software.

By the way, development and hosting location for the macooa software is Germany.

Security-relevant mechanisms

SSL Encryption

The complete communication between the macooa server and your browser is protected by the encrypted internet protocol https.

User ID and Password

You need at least user ID and password to log in to macooa.

Data Encryption

All security-related data (not just the passwords) are stored encrypted in the macooa database.

No Cookies

macooa does not use cookies at all.

User Profiles

Each macooa user has a user profile that controls the access to the macooa functionality.


Each customer has at least one user with the user profile Administrator.

No Data Upload

Neither via the desktop version nor via the app you can upload programs or scripts to the macooa server.

more Security

In addition, there are further security mechanisms ensuring both, data security and system operation.