Modern Internet Technologies

At macooa GmbH we consistently focus on the use of modern web based technologies for the development of our software products.
Modern internet technology, high availability and fast page loading are paramount for the macooa software.

  • Responsive Design
  • HTML5/CSS3 Frontend
  • Desktop and App
  • Browser based
  • Interactive Charts
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Fast Data Processing
  • High Availability
Recommended Browser for the Desktop version:

  • Firefox from version 12.x
  • Chrome from version 36.x
  • Opera from version 23.x
  • Safari from version 6.x

Recommended Browser for the macooa app:

  • iOS from version 4.x
  • Android from version 4.1.x
  • Windows Mobile from version 8.x
  • Blackberry from version 6.x
Modern Technology

It's time! Take advantage of modern Internet technologies for your company.

High Availability

You can be online at any time with macooa - whether in the office or with the app on the go.

Fast Page Loading

Even for page loading macooa uses modern web based components.