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Project Management 4.0

Experience the new macooa. The software solution is ideal for small and medium-sized companies that earn their money in the project business every day. With macooa you are immediately productive, because it runs completely in the browser without additional software installations.

Start your project on a green field.

Using macooa you'll get more than just a digital project management tool.

Worktime recording, CRM, sales pipeline, kanban board, budget management, cost estimates, offers, invoices, business calculations and much more make macooa the central solution for your company with the intelligent linking of data and information.

For example the new contact history in the macooa CRM component. It has everything you need in today's digitized world. You get the complete history shown as a vertical timeline, assignment to projects, customers, contact persons or sales pipeline and much more makes maintaining contacts what it should be - an orderly and structured process that gives you the decisive competitive advantage to do business with your customers.

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Available now:
AI-based language support

Scotty: "Hello Computer! Computer?"
McCoy: hands him the mouse.
Scotty: "Computer! Computer?"
Dr. Nichols: "Use the keyboard."

This is movie history from Star Trek IV.

And with the new AI-based language support in macooa you can also write history!

No matter whether macooa app or macooa desktop version, you can now speak in content with the new AI-based language support or simply have it read to you. This makes macooa probably the first digital "all-in-one" project management solution for SMEs with AI-based language support.

You want to prepare yourself for the customer appointment on site? Simply have the data and contact history for the project read out from the macooa app on the way to the customer. Done.

This is how digitalization works, this is how AI supports us.

macooa AI based language support

Just make it blue.

With great pleasure, because the new macooa has a completely new look & feel. The new design brings your content even more to the fore and the multitude of design options and new functions enable an even more flexible way of working.

Experience the new layout, incredibly easy to use. Feel how the new look & feel supports your creativity. Discover more ...

On the one hand, the new macooa still offers you the known range of functions and, on the other hand, many new features that make your and your team's work easier.

If everything is easy, then you can just do anything...

macooa on blue background

For everyone who wants to turn night into day.
macooa Dark Mode!

The new macooa offers you the option of choosing between Dark Mode and Light Mode with just a mouse click.

This allows you to adjust macooa optimally to the ambient conditions with regard to the lighting of your workplace.

Furthermore, according to many studies, it is much better for general health and well-being, especially for the eyes, if the display on the monitor is adjusted in darker ambient light.

macooa dark mode
macooa cloud storage

macooa Cloud Storage

Do you need a lot of storage space for many documents? From now on you can simply book your GDPR-compliant Cloud Storage in macooa.

But that is not all. The super modern picture gallery offers you extensive options such as zoom, full screen mode, autoplay and much more...

Of course you can just drag & drop your documents into the drop zone, then everything will be uploaded.

E.Mail Marketing Newsletter

With the new macooa E.Mail Newsletter feature you can take your digital marketing to the next level.

The advantages for you and your customers are obvious: High reach, time savings thanks to the "one-to-many" approach, cost savings compared to classic mailing, as well as being up-to-date and fast are just a few of the advantages you can enjoy with the new E.Mail Newsletter functionality in macooa.

And yes, macooa leverages your CRM client and contact data. This is how fully integrated digital customer marketing works.

Of course, macooa also provides you with E.Mail Newsletter templates.

macooa E.Mail Marketing

Barrier-free Accessibility

macooa is there for everyone!

The new macooa supports the barrier-free use of the software through various individually adjustable functions.

Bigger Content Font

Everything is getting bigger

High Contrast Text

According to the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCGA), the legibility can be greatly increased through contrast settings. The contrast ratio can be set to 4.5: 1.

Color Vision Deficiency

Red-green color vision deficiency (Daltonism)? No longer a problem, because the new macooa will help you with the appropriate settings. This means that buttons and other important elements are shown as stripes.

Color Palette

Choose your color. Simply click, save and all the essential elements will be displayed in the color of your choice.

macooa barrier free

away but still in the office?

With the macooa app you have the essential macooa functions, such as worktime tracking or CRM, also on your smartphone.

The functions in the macooa app are based entirely on the data stored using the macooa desktop version. For example, you can access customer and contact data in the macooa app, contact them directly from the macooa app by phone, e-mail or SMS, and view the contact history and much more.

The macooa Kanban board is also fully integrated in the macooa app. You can now either in the office with the macooa desktop version via Drag & Drop or on the go with your smartphone in the macooa app create tasks, assign team members or just view the status of a task.

By the way, as a web app, the macooa app runs on all common mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry.

macooa on macbook and iPhone

Data Security & GDPR

The macooa software is ready ot support you in meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your company.

Data Security & GDPR

We are very pleased that the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force, because we had implemented the relevant topics in our software solution already.

The protection of your personal information has top priority for macooa GmbH. It goes without saying that we comply with the relevant data protection laws and would like to use the following data protection information to provide you with comprehensive information on how your data are protected.

The GDPR includes technical and organizational measures (TOM) as well as a contractual framework (AVV) in accordance with Article 28 GDPR. You can request the relevant documents from us at any time or, if necessary, receive further information on data security.

If the macooa software is used correctly, you can benefit from the functions that help you to minimize the risks that the GDPR poses to your company.
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All communication between the macooa server and your browser is secured using the encrypted https Internet protocol.


Every macooa user has a user profile that can be used to control access to the macooa functionalities.


You need at least user ID and password to log in to macooa.


Each customer has at least one user with the user profile Administrator.


All security-related data (not just the passwords) are stored encrypted in the macooa database.


Neither via the desktop version nor via the app you can upload programs or scripts to the macooa server.


macooa does not use cookies at all.


In addition, there are further security mechanisms ensuring both, data security and system operation.

Data protection according to the GDPR is your right and our guiding principle

According to the regulations of the GDPR, you as a customer of macooa GmbH and the employees of your company have various rights as to how the data must be handled.
The macooa software is generally ready to support you in fulfilling the GDPR requirements for your company.
In the following you will find some examples and their concrete implementation in macooa.

Right to information / right to rectification

Every macooa user can use the menu item My Settings to view the data recorded for him by the administrator of your company and, if necessary, change or correct it.

Right to cancellation

If you delete something in macooa, e.g. a project, a user or a workpackage, then this data is also physically deleted from the macooa database.


All data classified as security-relevant are stored in encrypted form in the macooa database. For example, the e.mail address "" would be mapped in the macooa database as follows (original code falsified for security reasons): "4e783b0ec06b13b065bc171e7bb3b065b8c10ed1".


A pseudonym (user ID) is assigned to each macooa user. You can only log into macooa with your respective user ID and a corresponding password. macooa does not support a login with e.nail addresses or other personal data, such as first names or surnames.

Made & hosted in Germany

macooa GmbH develops and hosts the software (desktop & app) in Germany.

Attractive pricing

No additional costs! Only the monthly fees according to the selected macooa version.

Free updates

You don't pay anything for updates! As a customer, you benefit directly from further developments.

Become a Client

Time goes on, go ahead.

macooa GmbH consistently relies on the use of modern web technologies for the development of software products. We recommend the following browsers for the use of macooa in your company.

Recommended browsers for the desktop version:

  • Chrome from Version 88.x
  • Opera from Version 74.x
  • Safari from Version 14.x
  • Firefox from Version 86.x

Recommended browsers for the macooa App:

  • Chrome from Version 109.x
  • Safari from Version 15.x
  • Firefox from Version 108.x

About us

The macooa GmbH has been founded in 2015. Software products and consulting service offered by macooa GmbH are distinctive value propositions for the Small and Medium sized Enterprises segment.

The requirements of that client segment continues to be the driving force behind further developments of the macooa product and service portfolio.


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